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Joelle Fielding

Personal trainer

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Hi! I'm Joelle, one of the Personal Trainers at Fierce Fit. I've been into fitness and competitive sport since school age; playing hockey, netball, javelin and long jump. I have always been into long distance running and got into strength training around 7 years ago when I had a female personal trainer who taught me in so many ways and helped me find my passion for the gym and weight training. I believe a mix of cardio and weight training is the key to see a change in your body composition as well as your metabolism and fitness levels. I am also qualified in Pilates (Matwork) and teach progressional Pilates courses, aiming to strengthen the body and mind using the power of the breath and the core muscles. I love to help people get results and find that little bit of happiness in the gym, which can be a great outlet for work/home stressors and I strongly advocate exercise as the best natural anti-depressant; accessible to everyone and the key to living a happy, healthy and long life. 

I am always researching health/exercise/nutritional studies to further my knowledge and am currently studying a diploma in Sports Nutrition. Let me help you have a fun,safe and effective workout to help reach your own personal goals.

Q & A

...WITH Joelle

What would you say to a female client who is not sure why she should join Fierce Fit?

Fierce Fit is the only gym in Manchester city centre that offers female only, one-on-one personal training and it's different to your average busy corporate gym. You'll get bespoke training sessions customised to your goals, nutritional advice, and a safe and friendly environment to meet like-minded women in group classes. It's well worth the investment as I strongly believe Personal Training and a gym membership is an investment in your health, your body and your mind.

Why is personal training different at fierce fit than anywhere else?

Fierce Fit is all about female empowerment and women building each other up and helping each other build strength in both body and mind. You won't find that anywhere else in the area that offers this safe, encouraging environment where you can find your Fierce - build strength, make friends, find a passion for fitness and become fearlessly confident in your own skin. It's all about body positivity and spreading self confidence at Fierce Fit.

How do you motivate someone to join personal training and work hard?

I love to help, motivate and push people to their limits to build their own self confidence and in time, strength and stamina. I believe if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you and fitness should be an important part of our daily lives. I strongly advocate continual self-improvement and starting is the first step to creating a habit that will change your life for the better! They say it takes 3 weeks to create a why not start yours today?

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