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Working at Fierce fit is very rewarding, me and the company share the same ethos: we want to help women become confident, happy and Fierce.

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My love of sport started at 3 years old. Throughout childhood I was involved in various activities including swimming, gymnastics and dance.

I graduated from University of central Lancashire with a social worker based degree, (Care, Community and Citizenship). I knew I wanted to help people but was unsure of which path to take, I found myself lost, I finished university and still not a clue what to do. During my time at university I no longer found time for physical activity, my love for food grew and my weight slowly crept up.

I knew something had to change as I felt friends were moving on around me and I was stationary. This was the kickstart I needed to go on my fitness journey which has seen me shed over eight stone in weight, complete my first marathon in Geneva raising money for UNICEF, qualify as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

Since then I have done further courses in kettlebells, box fit, outdoor training and core stability. I believe variety is the key to keeping your workouts fun, remember you don’t have to be extreme just consistent.

I get huge satisfaction at helping others achieve their fitness goals, my main aim is to make sure each client is happy, healthy and achieving.

Why not? Give one of the free taster sessions a try and I guarantee you will leave feeling energised, happier and positive.

Fierce Fit is the only all female gym within Manchester city centre, run by females for females

My fitness journey has seen me shed over eight stone in weight, complete my first (of many) marathon in Geneva raising money for UNICEF, this was something I didn't ever believe I could do and so I went on to qualify as an Advanced Personal Trainer to motivate and Inspire others to do things they don't think are possible with a little help from me.

I motivate women to join Fierce Fit by inspiring them to do things they didn't think they could do, breaking down their goals into something more achievable, small steps that work towards that goal.

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